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We seek to index all the works of Gaston Schnegg including those which are not yet listed  and to gather as much information as possible about this great artist, in order to keep his memory alive. All this in accordance with the wish of his daughter. We were very close to her and know such to have been  her purpose when she decided to make gifts to the museums.

Mail : M. Schenegg,
120, Route du Bourg
33670 Saint- Genès-de-Lombaud (France)

We thank in advance all those who might be of help to us. We encourage  to give descriptions of any works that might be privately owned, or to send copies of any kind of documents : photographs, papers, manuscripts, books, catalogues of exhibitions, information about public or private collections related to Gaston Schnegg, and also to his brother Lucien Schnegg and their group of sculptors the "Bande à Schnegg". All comments, remarks, precise details and advice will  be most welcome and gratefully received.

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Document created by Marine Schenegg in 2020
Pr Art Spring kindly helped to translate into English
Last update : 2023